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Starting with the idea that you can re-use or re-purpose things you already own and making that idea the core of his design aesthetic, founder and CEO David Sposato opened Rework-d Interior Design in 2013. Founded on the principle that a luxury lifestyle at home should be available to everyone for less that what you would expect, while still offering the finest selection of textiles and finishes.

Rework-d re-upholsters and refinishes your antiques, family heirlooms and existing furniture, creating a custom look reflective of your personality on most any budget. More than just an upholsterer, we also offer a broad range of interior design services. We know that your home speaks volumes as to who you are, so we take the time to really get to know our clients on a personal level, so regardless of your needs, we will deliver the designs that embody and complement your lifestyle.

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4195 N. Viking Way Unit-D

Long Beach, Ca. 90808




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Fallen Butterflies Documentary

About a year ago, I started working with a great crew of people. (James Haven, 4th Street Productions, Localism, and WeLabs) Whom are shedding light on the work the child advocacy non-profit “Havenly Blue Foundation” is doing. Over the year, we have as a combined effort been documenting the advocates who are coming together to bring a better life for the youth in America. We still have a long ways to go! Soon we will launch an “IndieGo-Go” to raise funds to complete the documentary project. Watch the video,  and see what Havenly Blue is doing in schools in California and hoping to take it nationally. The next project is implementing a music program. Please check it out!


“Fallen Butterflies”

Art for Change

High School Curriculum Development

The program for High School outreach uses a donated brand mark and art curriculum implementation which encourages strong brand reach, positive exposure and an on-target awareness campaign. The Wall of Fallen Butterflies curriculum will be developed by educators and give opportunity for students to understand how developing art can have impact on the real world. Each participating class will have the opportunity to utilize the Fallen Butterflies mark as a starting point for their project.

Each class will produce unique projects, such as jewelry, paintings, sculptures, etc. featuring the mark. This program and curriculum will be on target and generate a high level of word-of-mouth awareness within the right groups – and will become a model for other classes to replicate easily across the nation. Materials developed will be auctioned off (1/3 to the student, 1/3 to the school, 1/3 to Havenly Blue) or considered for reproduction and incorporation as an official H.B. product.

After successful development of curriculum and marketing materials the students work will be utilized to develop an Etsy artisan campaign. Materials will be produced and marketed to Etsy artists – asking them to take part in an on-line version of the art program. The same commitment to sharing 1/3 of proceeds to Havenly Blue would still apply, and the artist will get the opportunity to choose a supporting non-profit for the remaining portion of the proceeds.

When done right this artisan campaign will spread awareness with taste-makers far and wide, and will affect their work positively.

When do we start? Now!

The “Fallen Butterflies” Wearable Art Project focuses on raising awareness about children who are caught in the cycle of abuse and neglect. This “activist art” project shows students how creative expression and generosity can have a positive impact on the real world beyond the classroom. The Havenly Blue Foundation rallies on behalf of these minors who do not have a voice in the legal system.

Students from Los Alamitos High School meet Havenly Blue Founder Priscilla Perez

Students from Los Alamitos High School had a chance to meet Havenly Blue’s Founder, Priscilla Perez, and hear her touching and inspiring life story. They also looked at historical and contemporary examples of artists who concern themselves with making art for positive change as inspiration for this project.

Students reinterpreted the Fallen Butterflies mark

Each student re-interpreted the “Fallen Butterflies” mark — which features a child’s face on a butterfly’s wings — as a starting point to create a piece of unique wearable art (earrings, necklace pendant, or bracelet). Student work was also selected for an online art auction to raise money for the foundation, the art department at Los Alamitos High School, and a portion went to the individual student.

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn


Glitz and glam, the damn rodeo


The fine-print

Butt smacks, you idiot

Lack luster

Cross dressers and lovers

Swept out with the Santa Ana winds

Bankrupt, bail out, crawl for home hipster.

Funk, mind tunnels, kids that dance to Rock, that rolls through EDM

Sunflowers, the seeds between starving teeth


“give it up for fame”

Lyrics from industry pop artists

Hashtag “Lame”

This is LA.

I’m feeling I am,

everything it’s not

The nostalgia of it all.


current inspiration:

hollywood isn’t everything 

Say Hello

I stir raw sugar into my Moroccan tea

pulling the string, the tea bag seeps

The man standing next to me

wears a ragged baseball cap

3 days from a clean shave

brown stained fingernails

but clean hands, pleasant smile and sincere face

invites me to stay and talk for a while.

I say hello.

“How do you do Miss?”

Feeling instantly engaged,

I say ” Fine, thanks!”

“I’m Joshua”  he says with pride

Chiseled chin

Saggy cheeks of happy

Tells me he wants to be taken seriously.

I drop the tea bag in the trash bin and I listen.

He wants to perform a one man show

based on his father’s life

sometime long ago.

Rather quickly he changes the subject,

for 28 years

he claims to have faked

being bi-polar

resisted the Doctors orders

Now at 58,

he knows the sound of coins hitting the floor

knows precisely what the value is

kind of coin it is.

knows how to say hello and get a hot cup of joe.


Cathedral in Another World


As I lie there by myself

A thought  is provoked,

“When does my happiness come?”

My hand drapes wearily.

Is it my hand that’s tired or the fingers moving the pen?

Or is it the wrist that’s connected to it?

My body silently aches

My mind tries to negotiate

But my grip slips and falls limp.


As I lie there by myself

I’m obsessed with ideas that are figments of my irrational imagination.

I make scenarios of realities in my brain which don’t belong to me.

Like a thief with loot, I quickly toss them down the rubbish chute.


As I lie there by myself

Not completely comfortable in my own bed

I could use a softer pillow and blanket.

The heart inside my body,



like the clock on my white wall

The crows approach.


As I lie there by myself

Staring at the ceiling,

Waiting to feel any other emotion,

I reach over

pick up a book

and I’m thrown into a cathedral in another world

not my own.

As I lie there by myself.

Kill Your Darlings


young Allen Ginsberg.

A new film Directed by John Krokidas.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Elizabeth Olsen, Dane Dehaan, Jack Huston, Michael C Hall and Catherine Keener.

About the Director:

“John received his B.A. in Theater and American Studies from Yale University, where he studied acting and graduated with a Distinction in the Major before attending New York University’s Graduate Film Program.
He wrote and directed two short films while at NYU. His first, “Shame No More” played at over 70 film festivals and sold to over ten countries in North America and Europe. His second film, “Slo-Mo” premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and went on to play Sundance before traveling the world, winning several awards and becoming a finalist for the 2003 Academy Awards. “Slo-Mo” was bought by HBO, PBS and the Sundance Channel.” IMDB

In theaters October 18, 2013





Amanda September Dancing On a Cloud

Let me introduce the extremely talented and captivating Amanda September!

Miss September recently has become a graduate of California State University, Northridge.

She is starting the next chapter in her life pursuing her passion for music!

Her voice is something special.
From September’s  blog:

I am finally 100% comfortable in my own skin and I have a clear understanding of who I am as an artist and what I want my music to sound like. It took about 5 years but you can’t rush these things. I wouldn’t have had it any other way! I hope you love my music as much as I do!” “Dancing on a Cloud” is a reminder that I am finally headed to where I want to be. I won’t ever look back, it distracts from the now!



get her new single today from Itunes and Amazon:

Dancing On a Cloud

A beautiful cover by Amanda September

Follow Amanda September


For Booking Contact:





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