Cathedral in Another World


As I lie there by myself

A thought  is provoked,

“When does my happiness come?”

My hand drapes wearily.

Is it my hand that’s tired or the fingers moving the pen?

Or is it the wrist that’s connected to it?

My body silently aches

My mind tries to negotiate

But my grip slips and falls limp.


As I lie there by myself

I’m obsessed with ideas that are figments of my irrational imagination.

I make scenarios of realities in my brain which don’t belong to me.

Like a thief with loot, I quickly toss them down the rubbish chute.


As I lie there by myself

Not completely comfortable in my own bed

I could use a softer pillow and blanket.

The heart inside my body,



like the clock on my white wall

The crows approach.


As I lie there by myself

Staring at the ceiling,

Waiting to feel any other emotion,

I reach over

pick up a book

and I’m thrown into a cathedral in another world

not my own.

As I lie there by myself.

Cathedral in Another World

7 thoughts on “Cathedral in Another World

  1. Stephy Damn says:

    This poem left me feeling alone, wow. Not that I wanted to feel that but I couldn’t help it.Beautiful poetry- Thanks for sharing online. Can’t wait to read more. …. Also greetings from Canada. Take care……

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