Say Hello

I stir raw sugar into my Moroccan tea

pulling the string, the tea bag seeps

The man standing next to me

wears a ragged baseball cap

3 days from a clean shave

brown stained fingernails

but clean hands, pleasant smile and sincere face

invites me to stay and talk for a while.

I say hello.

“How do you do Miss?”

Feeling instantly engaged,

I say ” Fine, thanks!”

“I’m Joshua” ┬áhe says with pride

Chiseled chin

Saggy cheeks of happy

Tells me he wants to be taken seriously.

I drop the tea bag in the trash bin and I listen.

He wants to perform a one man show

based on his father’s life

sometime long ago.

Rather quickly he changes the subject,

for 28 years

he claims to have faked

being bi-polar

resisted the Doctors orders

Now at 58,

he knows the sound of coins hitting the floor

knows precisely what the value is

kind of coin it is.

knows how to say hello and get a hot cup of joe.


Say Hello

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